#LifeAtItsBest – Walk To School Together

May 6, 2018 Shubhreet

Growing up in Army cantonments across India, I hardly remember my parents dropping me to school or even taking a school bus at majority of the places. At most of the locations we were posted to, our school was within walking distance.

I distinctively remember how a bunch of us poured out of our homes on the street and joined each other en route to school at various points. Between talking, cracking jokes and pushing each other in jest; school days began at house gates with our mates.

#LifeAtItsBest – Walk To School Together

Having good schools in such proximity was an advantage in more ways than one. It was not only convenient for parents but they were also not worried about our safety due to the short distance and neighbourly environment of the area. As kids, walking to school on our own instilled an attitude of independence, self-reliance and confidence. It might seem like a small task but every act undertaken independently during the formative years of a child brings about a sense of achievement and with that a positive can-do personality.

It also makes kids socially more adaptable and encourages team work. Collaborating with each other on the meet-up time every morning, walking together and being joined by more friends, joking and laughing while discussing who finished their homework and who didn’t – these are all social actions that encourage a sense of camaraderie between peers.

In today’s age of high competition for college admissions and pressure on studies, many parents forget the importance of everyday social exposure needed for children. Let’s not forget, networking is probably the most important part of being successful at work in today’s times. Isn’t it better that this social skill comes to your child naturally and they enjoy it rather than it being a forced task? That is why hanging out with friends, meeting new people and being socially adaptable is something that needs to start as a part of everyday life from a very young age.

#LifeAtItsBest – Friendly Neighbourhoods

Having a neighbourhood with other families, extra-curricular facilities and a good school close by really goes a long way in ensuring overall development of a child. That’s how I remember my childhood!

However, now that I’m a mother myself, I worry about being able to give Karma the same exposure I had. Living in big cities like Mumbai where time and distance is rarely in your hands, finding a good school close to home that meets all my requirements is a shot in the dark.

But I see a change in the way new residential developments are coming up in Mumbai. There is a focus on overall quality of life with special attention being paid to family life while developing these city centres and townships.

#LifeAtItsBest – Initiative by Lodha Group

For example, New Cuffe Parade by Lodha Group has announced its alliance with Shri Educare Limited to bring the teaching learning practices and value-based learning of The Shri Ram Schools, Delhi and Gurugram which is one of the leading ICSE schools in India. New Cuffe Parade’s launch of The Shri Ram Universal School in Mumbai is in line with the mixed-use development concept of having all amenities situated within one neighbourhood. The move caters to the #WalkToSchool concept of having good quality, student-focussed education within close proximity to your residence. The alliance is a prime example of ensuring the practice of #WalkToSchool, providing both safety for kids and overall convenience for parents.

I am no stranger to The Shri Ram School. A lot of my close friends are alumni of TSRS Gurgaon and now, many have kids that go there. So I am aware of the high quality of education and focus on overall growth and development of the children that study at the school. They have some really good programs such as DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), Writer’s workshop, Wonder Time and many others that enable not only strong subjective learning but also strengthen a child’s objective skills. I am very glad that this school will have a presence in Mumbai and am looking forward to seeing the wonderful things they do with the New Cuffe Parade community they are a part of.

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