The Moms Co. – From Clients To Friends!

September 14, 2017 Shubhreet

As a blogger, I regularly get opportunities to work with brands and some times that relationship develops into something more personal. This post was supposed to be a review of The Moms Co. products but knowing this brand and the people behind them, I feel my bias would show clearly. So I’m just going to be open about it and tell you why this is one of my favourite brands in the market right now.

Mohit and Malika, the husband wife team behind The Moms Co., contacted me to write some material for them way before their first range of products was even launched. Since then, we have worked together on campaigns and contests, discussed strategies and sometimes, just plain gossip. During this time, I’ve gotten to know these guys pretty well, their motivation behind starting the brand and the immense research that goes behind every making every product.

The Moms Co Products

The Moms Co

All of their products really are made on the belief of #NatureInToxinsOut. They are India’s first Australian Certified Toxin-Free and Made Safe brand, certified by the Safe Cosmetics Australia Toxin-Free Campaign. All ingredients go through multi-level testing.

First, natural ingredients are elected by expert formulators that meet various international standards across Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. Then, validation of short-listed ingredients against international toxicity databases is conducted. After that, the ingredients go through multiple rounds of testing for safety and stability on various skin types. These include testing by international and Indian labs and agencies. The products are also dermatologically tested. Finally, approval and certification of product formulations by FDA and Safe Cosmetics Australia – Australian Toxin-free and Made Safe.

This was the technical gyaan but on a personal level, I have spent hours on the phone listening to Malika worry about every ingredient and how she is totally okay with delaying the launch till the products are perfect. And that commitment to deliver something she believes is truly safe for moms and babies is something I respect. I personally use their body butter and body wash from the mom care range on Karma as well. If that doesn’t tell you I trust their products, then nothing will!

Made With Love

Yes, I know what you’re thinking… It kinda seems like I’m advertising for the brand but I told you in the beginning that I am biased towards The Moms Co. I was a relatively new blogger then and they were a company just about to launch their first range of products. We kinda grew together and are now reasonably established in our respective fields. Similarly, our relationship grew as well. Even when it’s not directly about work, I speak to them on a regular basis about this and that. So I no longer think of them as just clients.

Here is an example – I came back from my trip to the States in July and I found a delivery from The Moms Co. I was wondering if I ordered something or if I’m due to review something… I opened it and realised, it’s the two new teas they have launched and they sent me both as a birthday gift. 🙂 How sweet is that!

When Mumbai rains wrecked havoc, Malika was one of the first people to message me to find out if my family and I are okay. So I guess what I’m saying is, blogging is about a lot of things – sharing our views and tips, spreading awareness and reviewing products. But it also leads to building new relationships and really getting to know some companies not as brands, but as people.

So I will end with my beginning. The Moms Co. is definitely one of my favourite brands in the market right now and I know first hand, the amount of research and work that goes into each product. In terms of products that are truly trustworthy, you don’t really need to look elsewhere!

I have freelanced for The Moms Co. and have also collaborated with them on various ventures – paid and barter. This post reflects how my relationship with them has grown over time.