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I’m Shubhreet – the exhausted mommy blogger behind Raising Karma. I’m a former journalist and TV news anchor who switched to blogging after the birth of my firecracker of a daughter – Karma.

I haven’t sat down in 2 years! Seriously, I’m actually standing right now as I type with one hand while restraining a tiny monster with the other…


It all started when an Army Brat fell in love with a Sailor. Being nomads at heart, we moved countries every 2 years. And then came our little baby girl who is now 2 years old.

Fast forward to now – 7 years, 18 countries, countless cities, a child and a blog later – here we are! An adventurous, traveling & DIYing family trying to figure out the best way to Raise Karma… And any others that might get added on the way – Children, not blogs! 😉

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The blog was gifted to me by two of our close friends to document the way we are Raising Karma. It’s an attempt towards breaking stereotypes and encouraging a modern approach towards parenting with both parents equally involved in all aspects of raising children.

No grandparents were asked to come when Karma was born. No maids or nannies were hired to help with childcare. We were told we have no idea what’s gonna hit us. And we didn’t! We thought life, as we know it, is gonna end…

Surprise Surprise! It didn’t. It was just Karan, Karma and I. We did it all – From dealing with poonamis to massages to screaming baths to pulling all nighters. It was the best decision we ever made!

We still do everything we did before – meet friends, go out, travel etc.

We are not saying that don’t get help when you need it. You absolutely must! But we want to encourage new parents to not rely solely on old age practices and traditions. Do your own research, discuss, adopt a method that suits you and do it together. Divide responsibilities, travel with your infant and live your life. And your kids will learn from you. We aren’t perfect… But then, no one is!

On the blog, you will find parenting ideas aimed at trusting your instincts along with easy DIY’s that you can do for your kids or your home. And of course, various updates and tips on traveling with kids.

I also work with various brands and sometimes, you will see reviews or sponsored posts on my blog. They will always reflect my personal opinion and perspective, unless stated otherwise. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use myself or for my family!