Baby Chakra and Johnson’s Baby #BestForBaby Meet

May 10, 2017 Shubhreet

It’s always fun when moms meet… But when you get 25 mom bloggers together, then it’s downright mayhem! 😉 Well, the good kind! And that’s exactly what happened at the mom bloggers meet organised by Baby Chakra and Johnson’s Baby India in Mumbai. We chatted, we played games and had candid discussions with Johnson’s about their products. It was a great event and very productive as well. Also gave me a chance to catch up with some of my favourite fellow mom bloggers.

Baby Chakra
I finally got to meet Naiyya, CEO of Baby Chakra and as it turns out, she and I have a ton of friends in common on Facebook. It’s a small world! But I loved the fact that Baby Chakra is so women driven. Met many wonderful ladies from their staff – confident working women and moms. Totally made my day!

The event took place at Hyatt Regency in Andheri East. Straight up, the first thing Baby Chakra insisted upon was that we should speak our mind and say whatever we feel as this platform is first and foremost for the benefit of mothers. There was a play area for kids as well so they don’t get bored while the mommies did some serious tête-à-tête.

I drank some much needed tea and parked myself at a table with my friends. The event began with some questions, sharing experiences, fun games and little lab experiments using Johnson’s products. I was in the Power Puff Moms team and even though we hit our buzzers hard, we didn’t win anything. Sniff sniff! 😉 Nonetheless, it was tons of fun!

Johnson’s Baby
Once the fun and games were over, Johnson’s Baby India opened the floor for questions regarding the quality and safety of their products. Let me admit right here that I was one of the moms who had concerns about the safety of their products ever since I heard about the cases against them in the US. Having tested their products and after interacting with them in person, I can honestly say I feel more at peace now.

It’s not as if we made it easy for them. We were a big bunch of moms and absolutely nothing can come in the way of our baby’s health and us. So when it came to tough questions, we asked them all. You can view a small snippet of how the discussions went here. I do respect the fact that Johnson’s Baby did not hide behind generic statements but gave us straight forward facts – good and bad. That is what building trust is all about. As a mom, if a brand is being honest with me, I will obviously trust them. I liked the direct approach of talking to parents and doctors face to face and clarifying rumours and news reports instead of using ads and articles.


The Meet
Once the discussions finished, we took a ton of photos, went live, talked some more and stuffed ourselves. I think everyone was quite hungry by lunchtime. All you could hear for a while was munch munch munch… But the jabber-jabber resumed soon after. You know it’s a good event when it’s time for everyone to leave but no one does. Sudden reminders to pick our kids up from school is what made us finally exit, otherwise I think we would have only returned home after evening tea. 😉

Also got a bunch of goodies and vouchers. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!!? :p But on a serious note, I was quite keen to try the newly launched Johnson’s Baby detergent after seeing it at work during one of the games at the event. So was very happy that they gave us a pack to take home and try. And of course, vouchers for more shopping on Baby Chakra – I’m already on their app as I write this post! 😉

All in all, I had a great time and am looking forward to more such events. I think it’s very important for moms and brands to stay connected so they can share concerns and be informed. After all, its the childcare industry and nothing short of perfect will do for our little munchkins. For more videos and photos of the event, please check out Raising Karma on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This post is in collaboration with Baby Chakra and Johnson’s Baby India.