A Blogger Essential – Matrika’s Woman’s Journal

June 28, 2017 Shubhreet

Being a freelance journalist and a blogger, I’m always taking down notes wherever I go. Sometimes it’s tit-bits from an event, other times it’s details of a meeting quickly fixed over the phone. Not to mention, you never know when creativity strikes and an idea pops into your head! It’s better to jot it down immediately rather than forget later. That’s why the right journal is a blogger essential!

I had been scouting around for a diary that could be my daily planner, appointment book, event calendar, notebook, doodle diary, blog planner and client tracker. Phew! But the list is not over… I also wanted a size that would fit comfortably in my tote bag, my messenger bag and my diaper bag along with a dozen other things! Well, safe to say, the hunt wasn’t easy.

But then Matrika’s sent me their Creative Woman’s Journal. Aside from the fact that it looks great; it’s also the most handy and useful diary I have ever used.

Favourite Features:

  • It’s the perfect size and fits in all my bags easily.
  • It has lined and plain pages for notes and scribbles.
  • There is a pen holder attached so I didn’t have to dig for my pen in my large bag!
  • There is also a pouch on the back cover that was really convenient for keeping visiting cards.
  • It even has adult colouring pages which are a great creative time-pass.
  • There are pages of amazing stickers that add a bit of fun while taking notes.
  • The last few pages have a list layout that you can use to make, well, lists obviously! 😉
  • An elastic band for safe locking so the journal stays intact.

I have been taking the journal with me to a lot of events and meetings recently. A couple of events were stage events so we were sitting on audience seats. Hence, there were no tables to keep our diaries on while taking notes. The Matrika’s Journal has a hard bound cover so it was very easy for me to write on it with the diary on my lap or while I was standing and talking to someone. It also has an attached satin ribbon bookmark so I don’t lose my page. There is no worry about the bookmark falling out while the journal is in my bag.

This is definitely a writer’s best friend. If you are a blogger or in any job that needs taking down notes while on-the-go, then this journal is perfect for you. And if you’re a stationary addict like me, then you have no excuse to not buy it! 😉

My friend and fellow blogger Nayantara also tried out the journal and you can check out her review here. You can read more about the journal on Matrika’s website or just order it online on Amazon.

The diary was sent to me by Matrika’s for a competition and I didn’t pay for it. However, the views and comments shared are my own. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use for myself or my family.