DIY Activities for Kids with Globe Trotters Box

June 23, 2017 Shubhreet

Learning while playing is the best way to learn and develop skills. Recently, we got a chance to try out Globe Trotters Box for kids. They have activity boxes themed around various countries and different age groups. Karma is almost 2.5 years old and we chose the Little Explorers Italy Box for her as I felt it had DIY activities that she can do at her age. It’s become a daily feature at our breakfast table every morning. We spend about half an hour after breakfast playing with it before getting ready for school. It’s essentially DIY activities for kids but has become a family activity kit in our house and we are really enjoying it.

What’s in the Italy Box?

The Little Explorers Italy Box contained the following activities:

  • Ice-cream book mark making kit.
  • Pizza play set kit.
  • Mosaic photo frame decorating kit.
  • Pasta souvenir play set.
  • Activity sheets and colours.
  • Large illustrated world map.

DIY Activities

The activity box is aimed at developing creative skills and fine motor skills and boosting imagination. All while learning about different countries in the world.

We started with the ice-cream making kit. The material is wooden ice cream sticks and felt fabric cut-outs and sprinkles. The fabric glue comes with the kit. Since it is fabric glue, the setting time is a little longer and it took Karma a while to understand that. But it was easy enough for her to use and she had quite a good time making her own ice-cream sticks every morning and decorating them with the add-ons that were given. She would even pretend to eat it which was quite funny.

Next we did some of the activity sheets. Karma loves drawing and colouring and lately, has started drawing shapes and tracing lines. So the second she saw the sketch pens in the box, she wanted them immediately. They are non-toxic and safe for little kids to use. But just in case your child draws on herself with them (like mine did…), it will be a bit of a task to clean it off. The colour took 2-3 baths to come off from her skin completely.

I am planning to put the map up on the wall in her room and mark the places she has been too. I’ve been thinking about this project for a while now because we take Karma everywhere with us and she has been to 9 countries already. So even though she is too too young to understand the importance of a travel map, I still think it’s a good idea to put it up. However, I wasn’t able to find a map cute enough for a toddler’s room. But the map that came in Globe Trotters Box is perfect. It’s a good size and is quite colourful – perfect addition for Karma’s room.

Next we are going to try our hand at decorating the mosaic photo frame. Karma loves sticking stuff so this is right up her alley. They even sent us a cute Globe Trotters Suitcase that holds all these crafts now. Karma loves opening her little treasure chest to take out the activity she wants to play with.

If you have toddlers, then I recommend these boxes as a fun family activity. If your kids above the age of 4, then they can pretty much play with these on their own.

The products were sent to me by the brand and I didn’t pay for them. However, the views and comments shared are my own. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use for myself or my family.