DIY baby headband from scraps


My little munchkin looks like a boy unless I make her wear a headband. LOL! Plus she looks adorable in them so I am always on a lookout for cute but comfortable headbands for her. But sometimes, I don’t always find what I’m looking for. What a good excuse for a fun easy DIY headband! 🙂

Here is an easy one made using scraps of cloth left over from another DIY project.




1. Cut a long strip of cloth an old tee. I had enough left from the same design but if you don’t, just cut some from a contrasting tee. Stitch the ends so that the circumference of the headband is just slightly smaller (few mm’s) than your daughters head circumference.
2. Gather together the part where the flower will be when you make her wear it and run a stitch.
3. Take all the scraps you have and pile them on top of each other starting with the bigger ones at the bottom.
4. Poke a needle through the centre and bundle it at the bottom. Then stitch the bundle by running the needle across. (see picture). This helps the flower maintain the shape.
5. Now stitch the flower on the headband and you’re done! Cute and summery.


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