6 Easy DIY and Furniture Hack Ideas for Kids Room


The longest Karan and I have lived in one house is 1.5 years. After that, we invariably move apartments (or countries)! But this time, it looks like we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and neither is our 1.5-year-itch. πŸ˜‰ I just got so bored of the way my apartment looked. Not to mention the amount of junk we seemed to have collected! A decluttering exercise was due and provided a good opportunity to put some easy DIY ideas to good use.

It was time for a new look with old furniture!Β First priority was my 2-year old daughter Karma’s room. We live in a 2.5 bedroom apartment – master room, Karma’s room cum guest room and study room which is a half room. Because Karma’s room was also the guest room, every time friends or family came to stay (often in our case), she would sleep with us and all her sleep training went down the drain. So I really wanted her to have her own room from which she doesn’t get displaced under any circumstances.

So here are some the easy DIY and furniture hack ideas we used to transform and make a new room for our daughter Karma:

1. Convert Cot to Toddler Bed:
Not the most original idea but the reason I start with this is because it’s the foundation for my No. 2 idea which you will LOVE!

We have an IKEA Gulliver cot which is easily convertible and makes a great bed. Karma is 2 now so bed training has started. This is low, safe and looks so cute. Still have to had a safety rail though. It also doubles up as a reading corner/sofa on playdates.

You can convert most cots into a toddler bed. Just remove the railing from one side. However, you have to add a slab instead. That is done for multiple reasons – to retain balance, prevent injuries from mattress base while getting off and to avoid gaps and sharp corners/edges.
TIP: Make sure you sand and varnish the slab well to prevent splinters.

2. Spare Cot Railing as Hanging Storage:
I am so proud of this idea! πŸ™‚ Instead of letting the cot railing we removed rot in the store room, we created a hanging storage unit. Just pin the railing on the wall. It looks amazing and is so handy to keep all small play items like crayons, dinky cars, finger puppets etc. We reused her diaper table storage containers and hung some tin buckets using S-hooks. The big bucket holds her drum sticks and play hammers etc. Karma loves it! We also clipped her artwork from school to the top rails where her hands don’t reach.

TIP: Use C-shape pipe holders to fix the railing on the wall versus L-shape angled ones. It allows for some space behind the rails to easily hang hooks or buckets.Β 

3. Bookcase as Wardrobe:
We had a 3-door wardrobe (Ikea Dombas in white) for Karma earlier and now its being used as a storage closet in the guest room. Even though it would fit in the half room, that meant giving up a lot of space. It has more hanging space than shelves so I could never keep it neat. Instead, we turned the classic Billy bookshelf into her closet.

Trust me when I say this – All shelf space = organisational bliss! Each shelf holds one type of clothes. Eg: Dresses in one, tops in another, shorts and skirts in third and so on. So easy to keep tidy and find things. All the clothes from the 3-door fit into this one bookshelf easily with a shelf to spare! WOW! We attached a curtain rod and hung a curtain instead of attaching doors. That way, I didn’t have to make space for opening closet doors.

TIP: Use shower curtains and rods as they are lightweight. It’s more dust-proof than cloth curtains and easier to clean.Β 

4. Ikea Display Shelf into Toy Storage:
Again, not the most original Ikea hack but hands down the best toy storage ever! So we were using this 2×4 Kallax shelf as a bar in the living room. I didn’t take any before pics so have just posted a photo of the original shelf from the Ikea site. I painted it white and then painted the insides in different colours. We placed it horizontally in her room against the wall.

Top shelves – Tea set, all stacking toys, favourite cars, books.
Inserts in lower shelves – Stuffed toys, big toys like hammering bench etc, all other small to medium toys and lastly, cars and balls.

The reason tea set and stacking toys are in the open shelves is because it’s a pain to look for parts in the boxes. Now that the toys are categorised into shelves and boxes, it has made tidying up ten times faster.
TIP: Use chalk paint on already varnished furniture so that the paint sticks better. Or sand the furniture before you start painting it.

5. Use Shower Curtains:
We did blue curtains for window and closet even though its a girl’s room because we are a gender neutral family and blue is Karma’s favourite colour. πŸ™‚ I have this unreasonable fear of a curtain rod falling on Karma’s head. So I used shower curtains and rods instead of regular cloth curtains and heavy rods. They are more dust proof and easier to clean. Plus they’re light weight. So even if she gets into a tugging match with the curtains and they fall, she won’t get hurt.

Added advantage: No hemming required. Just cut with scissors to adjust height or split one shower curtain into two for window. That’s how us lazy moms do easy DIY! πŸ˜‰ (Curtains can be seen in point-1: toddler bed and point-3: closet photos.)

6. Other stuff:
I printed motivational posters and hung them on the wall above her chest of drawers. The frames are all wood and plastic instead of glass. A ‘Karma Chameleon’ painting made by her Aunt Praerna. A ‘Keep Dreaming’ wood-hanging gifted by her Aunt Roopa and Uncle Akshat on the side of the closet. A foldable basketball hoop on the wall. It’s near the door so she has space to shoot baskets.

And some more easy DIY… Stuck some wall stickers and a door knocker to finish it off. A ‘Karma’ train also gifted by her Aunt Roopa and Uncle Akshat placed on the window sill. I’m planning to spice up the window somehow because there is no view. Haven’t quite decided what to do yet.

Easy DIY | Raising Karma

The baby-cam is mounted above the bookshelf closet from where we can see the entire room clearly. I also placed a light weight trunk (Singapore readers will recognise the SG50 Jubilee Baby Trunk) which holds slightly big clothes gifted to her for easy access. It also has some of her baby keepsakes. πŸ™‚

IMPORTANT: Please screw all furniture to the wall if you have a baby or toddler so that there is no risk of toppling over. That’s not easy DIY but it’s important!

So there you have it! My longest post yet but probably the one closest to my heart. It might not be the fanciest kids room in the world but it’s quite cute and we are proud of it! πŸ™‚

I do hope you try some of our easy DIY and furniture hack ideas. If your child is older, make it a bonding activity. Thanks for patiently going through such a long write-up and I hope you think it was worth it! πŸ™‚

Photo Credits: Harsh Satra

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