DIY Personalised Chocolate or Candy Bar Wrappers


Our daughter Karma turned two recently and we threw an outdoors Garden Tea Birthday Party for her. We went all out this time since both sets of grandparents were attending along with lots of cousins and close friends.

One of the things I was most excited about were these chocolate wrappers that we designed, printed, cut and wrapped on our own. They had Karma’s name on them with a super-girl cartoon image that was on her welcome banner and return gift tags too. There is also a Thank You message on the back.

So here are the steps on How to design your own chocolate wrappers! Don’t get intimidated by the number of steps. I have broken them down so they’re easy to follow. It’s fun and a lot easier than it looks. Please do check out my other easy DIY posts on return gifts, personalised tags and decoration tips. I hope you will try these out for your child’s next party!

1. Select chocolates with foil wrapping. I used small 2-sticks Kit-Kats. The foil wrapping is thick and doesn’t tear easily.
2. Open new Microsoft Power Point document and choose Blank Slide. Go to File -> Page Set Up. Adjust size of the slide to the measurements you need. I filled in 5 cms x 10 cms for my wrappers.
3. Right click on the slide and select Format Background and Fill it with a colour you want your border to be. We chose black. You don’t need a border as such but it makes cutting easier and adds contrast.
4. Insert a rectangle shape on the slide leaving thin edges of the background on the sides. (Hard part’s done!)
5. Right click on the rectangle and select Format Shape. Select a background – Choose colour and texture. You can also add your own background. (I downloaded one from free backgrounds in Googles images.) Don’t forget to click Tile if you are using an image so it doesn’t stretch.

Layout for inner shapes, images & text boxes.
6. Now add a Shape in the centre and colour the background white and border black.
7. Add a Text Box and type your child’s name in the font and colour you want. You can even add an image next to it. (Tip: If the image goes behind the text box, right click on image -> Format Picture -> Layout -> In front of text)
8. Optional Step: Add another Shape and Text Box at the bottom of your wrapper which can have fun Nutritional Values and a Thank You message.
9. Save the slide.
A4 Print Layout

10. Now copy paste the slide on to a Word document. Right click -> Format Picture -> Size. Fill in earlier measurements again (5x10cms in my case) and save.
11. Now just copy paste the final image on the same document as many times as will fit on one A4 sheet. (See image above)
12. Print on colour printer.
13. Cut out the wrappers and paste them on the chocolates using a glue stick as shown in the photos.

Cut, Wrap & Paste Wrappers on Chocolates

It sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. Don’t worry too much about the placement of the inner shapes and text. A little bit here and there really will not make much difference to the final product. 🙂

She distributed them at school and all return gifts had one chocolate each in it too. I even put them in coloured bowls and laid them out on all tables at her birthday party. They looked really cute! 🙂


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