Mason Jar Birthday Return Gifts / Party Favours Ideas


When our daughter Karma turned 2, we threw an outdoor Garden Tea Birthday Party for her. I had everything planned starting from decorations to personalised chocolates to a kids entertainer and even icing colours for cupcakes! It was all I imagined it to be.

But the one thing I was super confused about were the return gifts. I went to a dozen shops and spent hours hunting online but nothing popped out and said – This is it! I wanted something that’s personal, fun and memorable.

Then I saw a photo of mason jars filled with goodies and it clicked. What a fantastic idea! They were a big hit at the party and there are so many variations that you can do. (Read below for more ideas).

I called them Karma’s Jar of Joy and hung Tags on them as well. (DIY gift tags tutorial.)

1. Buy coloured mason jar glasses (500 ml) with caps and reusable straws. They should be available at any glassware store in your neighbourhood. You can also buy plain jars with coloured caps and straws. They look as good.

2. Measure the opening of the jar and its height. When you buy the contents, make sure they fit in the jar.

3. Contents: Small play dough boxes, barrels of slime, colourful bouncy balls and small sticker pads. (Read below for more ideas such as art & craft jars, puzzle jars, bake jars etc). 

4. I also added personalised Karma chocolates which had a thank you note at the back. (DIY Tutorial.)

5. Since there was still some space left, I bought eclair toffees and made small bundles by wrapping a few in coloured paper and tying a knot.

6. I designed and printed tags for the jars. I had colourful twisties already that I used to hang the tags but you can also use thread or twine and it looks as good. (DIY gift tags tutorial.)

The jars doubled up as decorative items for the dessert table as well. Even before I added the cake and cupcakes, the table looked beautiful.

Other easy return gift jar ideas to choose from:

1. Art Jars: Fill the jars with crayons, erasers, pencils, small paint cans and brushes.

2. Craft Jars: Glue stick, pencils, safety scissors, coloured paper or post-its, stickers, twine, tape etc.

3. Candy Jars: Chocolates, candies, lollipops and M&M’s or gems.

4. Puzzle Jars: Buy puzzles and put all the pieces in the jar with a photo of the finished puzzle.

5. Bake Jars: Layer right proportions of flour, sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips or gems for a brownie or cookie mix. Print baking directions on the tags.

6. Nail Art Jars: Small nail polishes, hand sanitiser, nail stickers and hand lotion.

7. DIY Jewellery Jars: Colourful beads, lockets, threads and hooks.

8. Loom Band Jars: Fill the jar with lots of colourful loom bands and hooks.

Hope you like these ideas and will try them out. I think I’m gonna run with the mason jar party favours theme for the next few birthdays easily! They are also great as gifts for Teachers Day or festivals such Christmas and Diwali.


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