Top 5 Essentials for Traveling with Toddler


Traveling with a tyrant of a toddler can be a handful and whether you’re the kind of family that takes 2 flights a year or 20, there are certain essential items that can make traveling with toddler slightly easier. It’s not just about packing light and surviving long flights but actually being able to successfully make most of your vacation days with your kids in tow.

After taking our 2.5 year old daughter to 10 countries and countless domestic trips, I think we have kind of figured out which items are worth taking along and which can be ditched. Here is my list of top essentials for traveling with toddler or baby.

Traveling with Toddler Essentials

1. Stroller:

A sturdy umbrella stroller that can navigate smooth surfaces and pebbled streets equally well is my number 1 must-carry item. Stroller is not included in your check-in weight allowance and you can take it up to the flight and get it right as you exit the airplane so it makes airport navigation easy. There is no way I can imagine spending a whole day sightseeing without Karma in a stroller. It makes eating and naps on-the-go possible and we don’t have to worry about Karma becoming over exhausted while we are out and about. Kids get tired walking and you will not be able to walk too much after they wanna be picked up. That’s why a stroller is a must! On our recent trip to USA, we took the Joovy Groove Ultralight stroller and I highly recommend it as a travel stroller. It can be used for newborns too. You can read my full review here.

2. Diaper Bag:

And I don’t mean just any diaper bag. If you are traveling with baby or toddler, chances are your diaper bag is the only bag you will take on the trip. It will be your day bag, evening bag, tote bag, dinner bag etc and show up in all your photos. So a versatile diaper bag that looks good and is convenient to carry makes all the difference. That’s why I prefer diaper bags that can be carried multiple ways, especially as a backpack. If the need arises where I need to manage multiple things at once while I’m carrying my bag, I need my hands free. So a stylish backpack diaper bag with good utility can change how you function and look on your holiday! I took Vilah Bloom’s Cafe Crossover diaper bag on my vacation to USA and I actually had moms stop and ask me if it’s really a diaper bag and where can they get one! 😉 Read my full review here.

3. Carrier:

For all the times your toddler (or baby) says ‘pick me up’ and your aching body has to push suitcases and carry cabin bags while navigating through a crowded airport at 2 am trying to reach the cab or bus stand! LOL! But on a serious note, a carrier is a blessing at times like these. You may think of it as an extra item but we found it very handy especially during late night flights. In fact, at one time, Karma decided she wanted Karan to pick her up, take out our cabin luggage from the overhead compartment at the same time and carry everything including her after a 16-hour flight. Needless to say Karan was pooped but our Soul Slings linen full buckle toddler carrier made it possible. Full review coming soon.

4. Insulated Lunch Bag:

When you’re gonna be sight seeing all day with a baby or toddler, an insulated lunch bag is a must-have since kids get hungry often. It’s convenient to carry food tubes, munchies and snack bars on flights or a day out. Your child might not be hungry during your lunch break so you can just pack it up and keep it warm/cold in the lunch bag till they are ready to eat. I like having Karma’s eatables in one place so I don’t lose my mind looking for things. Just use your child’s school kit as their travel kit. For example, Karma’s Babymel and Zip & Zoe school lunch bag and bottle that matches her backpack doubled up as her toddler travel essentials. Read my full review here.

5. Toddler Backpack:

You might think a mini backpack is not that relevant but I beg to differ, especially if you have a toddler. You can skip the backpack in case of a baby. But toddlers love being independent and in the past, Karma has insisted on carrying my bag because she didn’t have one of her own. Honestly, she stayed quite busy with her backpack full of entertainment. It basically held her crayons, small drawing book, dinky cars and Sophia The First figurines. So be it changing hotel rooms or flights or even the stroller during the day, she had her on-the-go entertainment with her. Karma carried her Babymel Dylan The Dino Mini Backpack and it comes with a detachable safety leash which was a blessing in crowded places. You can read the full review here.

There you have it! My Top 5 Travel Essentials list if you are holidaying with your baby or toddler. In case you are planning a road trip, then add a car seat to this list. We usually don’t carry our own but borrow from friends or rent at destination. Like strollers, car seats are not included in your check-in weight allowance so feel free to lug it along incase you’re gonna hit the road! Do read my post on packing tips while traveling with a baby. I promise you, it has some incredibly simple suggestions that will make you an expert packer overnight! Happy Holidays!


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  • Hey… Any suggestions on which food. Packets can be carried along ?? We are travelling to darjeeling in june…Kiaan eats everything like. Momos noodles etc. But am still worried in case he decides to not eat 😋😋

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