Fantasea, Phuket, Thailand


We stayed at Marriott Vacation Club in Phuket for a weekend getaway. Our resort was amazing. We had a mini bungalow and a private pool. I can’t complain.But the Fantasea Show that we heard so much about was a whole another story. Honestly, I don’t think the actual show deserves more than 5 out of 10 rating. Keep scrolling to read more about the theme park, the mother of all grand buffets and of course, the Fantasea show…
At Fantasea, the cultural theme park is actually pretty nice. LOL! Lot of stalls to play games, shop and eat. It’s a little like a fair or a circus. There were people doing elephant rides too.

Our tickets came with dinner at the grandest buffet around. That had a ramp to enter and exit so we didn’t have to lift the stroller. The buffet hall was HUGE!! And the food was pretty decent. Thai food was nice. The western food was mostly just about okay but the chicken wings and fried chicken drumlets with herbs were pretty good. The desserts were yummy, especially the chocolate balls – I hogged!! Water, tea, coffee is free but all other drinks you get charged for including soft drinks.

Our tickets were for the 7:30 pm show. Taking the stroller inside was quite easy. They had a separate wheels chair line so there was a ramp and no turnstile. Everyone had to be submit their mobile phones as those are not allowed inside the show. On the way, you can have your picture taken with a baby tiger.

Screaming baby:
You can’t take the stroller into the actual hall where the show takes place. You have to leave it at the entrance but it’s safe there. We had asked for aisle seats but no luck. By now Karma was quite tired and really wanted to sleep but couldn’t. She got very excited by the crowd and the noise.Result – We were the parents with the screaming kid that everyone turned to stare at!! :p Karan finally gave up and had to step out for a bit to make her sleep. An aisle seat would have really helped!

The Actual Show:
The show was okay. It wasn’t great. There was a part where elephants did circus-type tricks and that was cute.  But you could  get a ticket for SGD 86 for Cirque de soliel in Singapore and those shows are out of this world. I feel Fantasea did not justify its price. I also can’t figure out why the show is called Fanta’SEA’ when it’s all about elephants.

Ride back was smooth and we chilled the rest of the time. Check out was fairly quick and our ride to the airport was spot on time. The airport is small and the changing station inside the woman’s washroom is not the cleanest so to save your baby from bacteria, make sure you lay out a changing pad first.

Final notes & recommendations:
1. Take a sturdy stroller if you are travelling with an infant. Most places will not have a ramp and roads are bumpy. A lighter stroller will be easier to carry over stairs but rest of the areas might be very uncomfortable for the baby.

2. Unless you want some really good shots at the cultural theme park, I would recommend skipping the Fantasea show. If you have extra days, then great. Otherwise, spend that day checking out the local markets and getting massages.


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