Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Slim Review

September 7, 2017 Shubhreet

I don’t usually review just one toy in a single post but recently, we received a Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Slim for Karma. It is essentially a scribble board and all kids love those but I didn’t really have very high expectations from it. I was so wrong! It has become a part and parcel of Karma’s daily life; to the extent that we even carry it with us while traveling. It’s been a couple of months now but she’s not bored of it (and she usually is with most toys after a while). And unlike a lot of other scribble boards that we have tried, it’s still functioning really well.

Fisher Price Doodle Pro Slim

We got a purple Fisher Price Doodle Pro and it has a big magnetic drawing screen. The easy-slide eraser is actually easy enough for toddler to slide and erase. It also has 4 shape stampers – square, circle, star and triangle. Karma learnt different shapes not too long before we got it so she was very excited about being able to actually put those shapes to use. The pen is attached with a long string so Karma could easily draw on any part of the screen without tugging. There are two slots to keep the pen behind the doodle pro when not in use. It’s really slim and I also quite like the carry handle. Karma carries it out like a suitcase before placing it down to play. It’s like having a nice big drawing book without the mess of colours or paints.

Karma The Pro Doodler

On our recent vacation to USA, we did a 16-hour flight to LA and it was Karma’s longest flight yet. Even with her stack of toys plus the crayons, books and puzzles the airline gave her, it was still a very long flight for a toddler. The time difference was such that she didn’t sleep too much. We packed the Doodle Pro in our hand luggage. It’s quite slim and just settles at the bottom of my cabin suitcase. It kept her busy for hours on the flight and was something she could do even with the lights dimmed in the plane. We didn’t have to worry about locating fallen crayons and she and Karan kept drawing and stamping for a long while.

We also use it to learn numbers and alphabets. I write a number or alphabet and she tells me what it is. In case of alphabets, she also tells me a thing that begins with the alphabet. Then I erase and do another and so on… The advantage of being able to write on a big screen is that she is now trying to write the alphabets too as she can see the lines clearly. Plus she can erase and start over at the same place instead of turning pages in a note book. Somehow, I feel she enjoys this more.

At home, it has become a part of her daily play schedule. She calls it ‘shapes’ because of the shape stampers. She loves to have a stamping match. Basically she holds a shape in each hand and the other person does the same. She says 1-2-3-G0 and you stamp-stamp-stamp… Till she says Stop. 😉 Yes, no winners and losers in the match and that’s what makes it fun!

Karma loves sharks, dinosaurs and aeroplanes. So she started asking us to draw baby, mama and dada version of these on the Doodle Pro. Soon she started drawing and now she is drawing even more things like jelly fish or characters with eyes, ears, mouth and hair. Yes, those drawings are not perfect but they’re perfect to us. I really feel she spends more time trying to actually draw versus colouring ever since she got the Doodle Pro. We can see clear progress.

Like I mentioned earlier, I actually did not expect too much out of the Doodle Pro but I have been pleasantly surprised by it. We use it daily for play, drawing and learning. I am going on another short holiday to my parents place with Karma and we will be taking it along. It’s a very good activity for bonding while playing with your child or grandchildren. Even though it keeps her busy on her own too, I think it’s most fun when one of us is doing it with her because she shows us what all she can write or draw very excitedly. Stamping is hands down her favourite. She has now progressed to making designs with the stamps.

On an overall basis, I give the Fisher Price Doodle Pro an 8 on 10. I think it’s great for toddlers. The quality is really good and it won’t spoil easily. The screen is working well even after two months. It might seem like a simple toy, but it can be used in many artistic ways.

The product was sent to me by the brand and I didn’t pay for it. However, the views and comments shared are my own. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use for myself or my family.