Germ Free Home with Crompton Anti-Bac LEDs


Recently I attended the launch of Anti-Bac LED bulbs by Crompton India. These new LED bulbs come with dual benefits – Providing visible light and also killing 85% germs (within 4 hours) including harmful bacteria and fungi which in turn produce continuous microbial disinfection with visible light.

At first it was difficult to believe and naturally, we had a lot of questions. But as we listened and watched the discussion and presentation, we got to see and understand the science behind how it works.

Crompton Anti-Bac LED: #BulbOnGermsGone

Germ Free Home with Crompton Anti-Bac LEDs | Raising Karma

Being prone to germ contact is always a matter of concern, especially with small kids at home. It is generally assumed that there is more germ contact outdoors than indoors but that is actually not the case. There is equal and sometimes more exposure to germs at home due to lesser ventilation, fresh air and lack of direct sunlight indoors.

That’s why it was interesting to get introduced to these new Anti-Bac LED bulbs that provide sufficient light but also help reduce germs in our house. Demonstrations were held with petri-dishes where was killed by the light emitted by the bulbs. We also learned that the range of rays emitted by the bulbs help eliminate bacteria and germs in the air but are perfectly safe for human beings. At the core of this invention is Envirosafe technology that provides this dual benefit and is recommended by the Indian Medical Association as well.

We all work hard to keep our homes clean and safe and it’s a big advantage to have additional methods that help us to exactly that. It’s a very simple way of creating a healthy and safe environment with just the flip of a switch. The Anti-Bac LED bulbs can be installed in all rooms of the house just like regular bulbs and that really takes no extra effort.

We all use cleaners, wipes and sanitisers on a daily basis. But germ-free air is not easy to achieve. Thanks to Crompton India’s latest invention, it will become easy and accessible for everyone to do so.

This post is in collaboration with Crompton India. However, the views and opinions shared are my own. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t do or use for myself or my family.


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