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As a parent, our biggest concern is always our child’s health. All parents I know constantly read up and research on different ways to keep their kids healthy. I’m sure you’ve heard the popular one-liner: “Every mom is a doctor without an MBBS degree.” It’s funny but it explains the extent to which mothers will research every possible ailment that effects their children.

One of the top ones on that list is diarrhoea. I recently attended an event where I learned that 1 in 3 kids suffer from diarrhoea. That is quite a shocking number! Unlike common cold and fever, diarrhoea is a little more confusing for parents and many are unsure about what to do when their child is down with diarrhoea.

What is Diarrhoea?

According to WHO: “Diarrhoea is defined as the passage of three or more loose or liquid stools per day (or more frequent passage than is normal for the individual). Frequent passing of formed stools is not diarrhoea, nor is the passing of loose, pasty stools by breastfed babies.”

It’s usually caused due to an infection in the intestinal tract by bacterial, viral or parasitic organisms. Infection can spread via contaminated food or drinking-water or even person-to-person as a result of poor hygiene.

Yes, we all try to keep our homes clean and make sure our children avoid any unhygienic contact or play. But kids are kids! One possibly cannot protect them from infections all the time. Also, seasonal changes or travel can lead to bouts of diarrhoea too.

Enterogermina #HappyTummies Meet

At Enterogermina #HappyTummies event, an expert spoke to us about the various causes of diarrhoea and facts that we need to be careful about.

Dehydration is a huge concern and it’s of utmost importance to rehydrate. Treatment also includes zinc supplements. In fact, probiotics such as Enterogermina help manage diarrhoea and is Paediatrician’s No.1 Choice.

Our kids were invited as well and they were a part of the discussion around hygiene and how to eat and stay healthy. One thing I really appreciated was that a lot of effort was made towards making little kids understand these concepts in an entertaining and child-friendly way. There were games where they had to separate healthy food from junk food. There was a skit performed with characters that played good and bad bacteria so children could understand what each does while having fun.

My daughter is just 4 years old but even she came back from the event and told her Dad about ‘Happy The Good Bacteria’ that defeats the ‘Bad Bacteria’ and keeps her stomach happy.

If you want to know more about Entergermina and its advantages, watch the video below and check out their Facebook and Instagram page. I also recommend speaking to your doctors regarding the same.

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