Junior’s Fashion Week, Mumbai – Surprise In Store!


We had eventful weekend attending Junior’s Fashion Week at Grand Hyatt Mumbai on 30th September and 1 October. I was Blogger-in-Chief at JFW Mumbai representing Mom Bloggers United as the official Blogging Partners for JFW. The rest of the MBU crew included Nayantara from MommyingBabyT, Mahak from Baby & Beyond and Nikita from Being Mamma Bear. In case you missed my Instagram and Facebook updates last weekend, let me give you a quick brief on what the event is all about.

Junior’s Fashion Week is a children’s fashion runway showcase starring kids aged between 4 to 15 years of age. It brings together young talent, brands and customers under one roof for one energy driven event. The event is held in multiple cities every year. Day 1 includes workshops and grooming sessions for the junior models and Day 2 is the main event.

Day 1 – Junior’s Fashion Week Workshops

Imagine 140 kids under one roof, yummy food, music and a whole lot of fun! Yes, the word workshop makes it sound like serious business and it is. But the crew and coordinators at Junior’s Fashion Week were very particular about letting kids be just kids. The training and grooming sessions were held in a fun and loving way.

The fashion coordinator Jessica is a former model, a mother and principal of a school. Her chemistry with the kids was obvious from the start. Children who were a little scared or nervous at the beginning were confidently walked down the ramp by the end of day and added their own twist on the way! There were volunteers to take care of the children and delicious meals were served on time. Every little thing was taken care of. If you wanna see some of the backstage action, check out the video below.

Day 2 – Little Superstars On The Runway

The second day was the main event where the junior models showcased trendy and fashionable Autumn Winter collections by U.S. Polo Assn Kids, Allen Solly Junior and Marks & Spencer, London. The event brought into spotlight stylish and equally comfortable collections by these three brands. I have actually shortlisted a few outfits that I definitely want for Karma.

Marks & Spencer, London

First show of the day and it was a house full of cuteness. M&S presented a collection that offers a wide range of creatively designed jumpers and bomber jackets in luscious greens, snug blues and bright yellow hues. With the seasonal shift in full swing, this iconic British brand made layering for colder days innovative. This show was full of laughs as the age group was mostly young kids and they did their own thing on stage! I was really impressed by was how JFW did not intervene and let the audience and models enjoy a very adorable and natural show. You can see the whole show on Mom Bloggers United Facebook Page.

Allen Solly Junior

Next up was Allen Solly Junior and it was a treat to the eyes! The brand introduced three different looks – Sport the Adventure, inspired from military and jungle look, Athleisure that includes special fabrics & trim plays and Party Squad that’s created specially to cater to special occasions & parties. The confidence and energy that the kids showed on the ramp really took our breath away. I absolutely loved some of the dresses and the girls looked adorable. The boy’s collection was really cool and funky. In case you missed it, you can still watch the full showcase on MBU’s Facebook Page.

U.S. Polo Assn Kids

Last but definitely not the least, was the showcase by Junior’s Fashion Week’s title sponsor, U.S. Polo Assn Kids. The show featured the boy’s and girl’s collection separately. The kids modelled traditional, preppy and updated looks. Rooted in the brand’s American origin and polo connection, the collection showcased a vibrant play of bright colours along with reds, blues and whites marking the core presence of the brand highlighted with stars, stripes and dot prints. The videos for the full show can be viewed on MBU’s Facebook Page.

A Weekend To Remember

I was very excited about attending Junior’s fashion Week as Blogger in Chief. However, there was an aspect that I wasn’t prepared for. We met a few parents of kids who had difficulties in terms of image, confidence and acceptance into mainstream society. They are now regulars at JFW as they feel it gives their children a social exposure that they don’t get otherwise. Seeing these kids and others walk confidently on stage and let their personalities shine was amazing and heart-melting at another level. It has totally changed my perspective on kids’ fashion events.

Every parent we met spoke about Junior’s Fashion Week as a confidence boosting exercise that has really helped their kids open up and be proud of who they are. Children of different ages were playing together and even helping each other out on stage. The event was more than just a bunch of kids in amazing outfits. It was a team building, confidence boosting, all inclusive camp where each child is a star! That is the surprise element which made this a weekend to remember.

JFW is coming to NCR and Bangalore so if you are considering enrolling your kids, you can find more information on how to register here.

I was the Blogger-in-Chief for JFW 2017 Mumbai event and hence, got the opportunity to attend the event and review it on my blog and social media.


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