Why I Love #Twinning with #BonOrganik!


I get a lot of different opinions on twinning clothes for parents and kids. Some people find find it cheesy… Some feel they make for cute photographs… Some genuinely just love twinning with their kids.

I am personally a big fan of twinning and regularly team up outfits for Karma, Karan and I. Usually, our outfits are from different places and I just mix and match to make a twinning combo. It’s not always easy to find a lot of matching outfits that fit your taste, are comfortable and easy to maintain. There are a ton of matching formal dresses for moms and daughters available online and at stores. Very less stuff for moms and sons. Even lesser for dads and kids of either gender. For casual everyday wear, the options aren’t that many!

Twinning Goldmine

That’s why I absolutely loved BonOrganik. They are a twinning goldmine! You will find matching outfits for the whole family in every combination possible. What I really liked was that they don’t just have cute stuff but funky, funny and sporty stuff too.

When I posted Karma and my dresses from BonOrganik on Instagram, many people were surprised that they had dresses too. Even the ones who knew about the brand thought they only did T-shirts. But that’s not the case! They have tees, dresses, night-wear and even shoes. I loved the sporty fearless dresses that we wore. I even took them on our weekend getaway to Goa. They are extremely comfy to wear and look so funky! I think they really matched our personalities.

Why I Love Twinning? | Raising KarmaTwinning as a Travel Safety Tip

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know my various reasons for recommending twinning. However, if you don’t, then read on. There is more to it than just adorable pictures. It’s a great travel safety tip. If you lose your child in a crowded place, you can literally just tell people to spot a kid wearing the same clothes or colours as you. No digging for pictures, no descriptions, no remembering faces – It’s the fastest way to get a crowd to locate someone. Even people tend to remember families with matching clothes.

Smart right? Now you get why I said a shopping site like BonOrganik that is all about twinning is a goldmine. Do go check it out and let me know what you think of our outfits or my twinning tip in comments. Are there more reasons why you like twinning? I would love to know your thoughts!

This post is in collaboration with BonOrganik. However, the views and tips are my own. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use for myself or my family.


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