Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes


Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising KarmaPregnancy is a tough time for most women. Morning (afternoon & evening) sickness, extreme exhaustion, dietary restrictions, mood swings, swollen ankles and upswinging weight gain – the list goes on and on… When you are going through all this and other people are going about their usual day, it’s quite understandable that your confidence takes a hit. You feel fat, ugly and unkempt. Yes, it’s the best thing to have happened to you but lets be candid – there are many ‘depressing’ parts to this process as well.

It’s not easy being a waddling sweaty penguin while everyone else around you is going about in high heels looking cool and fresh. I felt good when I planned my outfit and dashed on some light make up. And maternity wear doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it doesn’t have to be ‘maternity’ either. There are a lot of clothes that you can wear during and after pregnancy too.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

1. Evening Out

So this blue Banana Republic dress is not a maternity dress. I’ve had it for a while now. It’s like a wrap dress and has an overlapping neckline.
Any wrap dress will accommodate your growing belly and you can wear them post pregnancy too. I wore many wrap dresses, skirts and even shirts when I was pregnant and am still wearing them now.


Black and white dotted dress in a slightly stretchable material with an overlapping neckline teamed up with flat black slippers. Perfect outfit for a dinner to a friend’s place.
Overlapping necklines are the best for pregnancy since they adjust to your growing bust size easily. You don’t have to buy bigger tops every month and they’re great for nursing too.

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

Buy skirts with elastic waist bands in different colours and prints. The waist band rests just below your belly and you can go back to wearing these post delivery too.

I bought this printed skirt (for a price so low, it’s embarrassing to tell!). I teamed it up with a black top that has pleats. The pleats opened up as my belly grew and now that I’m not pregnant, I’m still wearing this outfit.

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

2. Work Outfits

This was one of my favourite work outfits so far. The red top is quite loose and has a zipper all the way in the front. I wore it with a grey stretch skirt and a black sleeveless throw. Red loafers on for some matching style and off to work.

The sleeveless throw in this picture was one of my go-to’s during pregnancy. I had a lot of spaghetti and stretch tops that accommodated my belly but I wasn’t comfortable wearing them at work. The throw solved this problem.

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

Here I am wearing stringy tops with maternity trousers (only pair I had) and the black throw turns it into a work outfit. There’s no make up since I usually had to do studio make up at work so I went with a clean moisturised face from home.

Team the outfit with bright loafers or flat sandals and you’re good to go.

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

This cotton dress in grey has a band with a belt under the bust. Such dresses are perfect for flaunting your belly and still looking good. It’s smart and simple enough to wear for work and post work socialising too.

Tops with a band under the bust or an overlapping neckline also have the same effect. Just team them up with jeans or skirts and ballerinas.

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

3. Casual Clothes

An elasticated-waist skirt in a funky print with a tee-shirt and canvas shoes…  Or a cotton stretch dress, this time in stripes coupled with canvas shoes and a light jacket makes for a perfect comfy outfit for a day of lunching and shopping with your friends.

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

Even though this was my baby shower outfit, I am categorising it in ‘casual’ because its a perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch with friends – light, summery and fresh. A loose flowy white floral top with plain linen pants with an elasticated waist and colourful slippers. A pretty yet comfy outfit to bring out that glow.

Maternity Fashion With Non-Maternity Clothes | Raising Karma

Funky pyjamas and loose tee from Cotton On with canvas shoes or a cotton stretch dress with a waist-tie and slippers from Reebok is perfect for a quick grocery run or a walk and coffee with a friend.

Pregnant women look cute with their round bellies and glowing skin. But most don’t really feel that way. At least I didn’t… And even though there is a lot of hoo-ha about pregnant fashion being unnecessary and expensive, I honestly think that pregnant women should dress up and flaunt their bellies. Such small things go a long way in keeping a mommy-to-be happy!



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