Mess-Free Toddler Activity – Cling Wrap Painting


Karma got two vaccinations yesterday and was a little under the weather today. It’s really tough entertaining a sick child… She didn’t want to play with any of her toys or do any activity.

So I went digging and found this great idea on the net. It’s a mess-free painting time-pass that is not only fun but creatively exciting as well! There are a few tricks and hacks that I learned in the process. I will list those too as they might be helpful when you try this at home.


(This is perfect for kids 8-months plus. They’ll have a good time and you won’t have to worry about them eating the paint or washing the house later!!!)

1. You need a basic canvas, paints, cling wrap and a pair of scissors to cut the wrap.

2. Dot the canvas with blobs of paint in any random manner. Use nice bright colours that will appeal to your child.

3. Wrap the cling film all around the canvas. I did 3 layers to prevent leakage but honestly 2 would have been enough and easier for Karma to manage too.

4. Cut the film off the roll and tuck behind the back of the canvas so it stays in place.

5. Let your child smash, spread, poke and basically go ape-shit with it as she creates her first masterpiece!


1. Use water colours as they are more fluid. I used acrylics and they didn’t spread as easily.

2. Make bigger blobs of paint. It’s easier and more fun for them to spread it. I made small ones and had to spread them a bit first before Karma got the hang of it.

3. Splash few (or more) droplets of water on the canvas before wrapping it so that the paints spread easily later. The paint was too solid for Karma to easily mess it around through the cling film so I did this and wrapped it again. It was much better after that.

4. Don’t wrap the cling film too loosely. Your child will have to apply a lot more pressure to spread the colour and she might lose interest.

5. If your child loves water, then splash some on the cling film too. I did that and Karma kept rubbing it and playing around with it while the colour was spreading under the wrap. That’s when she really got in to the groove!


There you have it… Unleash your tiny painter while keeping your floors, walls and child clean. Haha!! What’s more… You can hang your little artist’s masterpiece up on the wall. Let’s face it, everything our little brats do is worth bragging about! Even if it’s just a messy medley of colours!!! 🙂