Outdoor Birthday Party or Baby Shower Decoration Ideas


I love outdoor parties… They’re easy to set up, decorate and clean up! That’s why when it came to planning a party for Karma’s 2nd birthday, we decided to go with a Garden Tea Birthday Party theme. It’s simple to implement, looks very grand and the timings are suitable for kids (afternoon or early evening).

I’m going to list out my tips and ideas from Karma’s birthday party that you can use for an outdoor party of your own – be it birthdays, baby shower, engagement party or just a bunch of friends getting together. You can tweak them according to the occasion and age group.

I’ve divided it into 3 categories so its easy to follow – Dessert Table, Decor & Layout.

1. Dessert Table:
The reason I’m starting with the dessert table instead of decorations is because it’s the centre-point of the whole event and hence, deserves some extra attention. Be it a birthday party or baby shower, here are some easy tips to make your cake table look pretty and festive.

Table decor – Even if you don’t use one for any other table, use one for this. We used white table cloth and pink trimming. But just the cloth is enough too. Hang a bunting and decorate the background a little to get some good photos.

Party favours and gifts – Here’s an awesome and easy dessert table decor tip: Place all return gifts/party favours on the table too. They dress up the table before the cake arrives. Place all the presents there too as and when you receive them. I did these Mason Jar Return Gifts with DIY gift/thank you tags. I named them Karma’s Jar of Joy and they were a big hit. (Read my tutorials on DIY party favour jars and gift tags that you can make for your party.)

Chocolates – I bought Kit-Kats and made personalised chocolate wrappers with Karma’s name and a thank you message. There were colourful bowls of Karma chocolates on all tables. (Read tutorial to make them at home with your customisations.)

Add ons – Lanterns, candle jars, flower pots etc to decorate the dessert table. Small things from around the house that totally changed the way the dessert table looked. And of course, the King and Queen of the dessert table – cake and cupcakes! You can also add macaroons, marshmallows, flavoured milk etc.

2. Decor:
You need less decorations for an outdoor party than for an indoor one. Nature provides the scenery and you just gotta add a pop of colour. So here’s a list of decoration items you can use:

Balloons – Choose a colour theme or go multi coloured. Balloons are and will remain a classic choice. Just hang small bunches here and there to liven up the place.

Streamers – If there are trees in your outdoor space, get a few streamers and wrap them around the trees.

Buntings – I LOVE buntings! We hung a butterfly bunting behind the cake table and a Happy Birthday one on the table trim.

Lanterns – So I bought 10 but it was difficult to distinguish the white lanterns from white balloons… You live you learn! However, if your party will extend into sundown, then they’re a great addition. I recommend battery operated tea light bulbs versus flame candles. It’s safer.

Welcome Sign – We designed a Welcome to Karma’s Garden Tea Birthday Party poster on Powerpoint. Uploaded the file on VistaPrint and placed an order. The price was so cheap; I’m not even going to mention it. It came out well and was delivered in 3 days. Full points!

3. Layout:
The layout is very important. Even outdoor spaces can look cluttered.

Map – Draw a rough map of the space and decide where your cake table, food tables, drinks table and table chairs for sitting will be kept. Factor in enough open space for kids to run around and play too; even if it means cutting down on a table or two. People don’t sit through out the party. Place food tables along the sides where they are accessible but not obtrusive.

Kids seating – I highly recommend this if there are kids at the party. Karan initially thought the kids seating is not needed but I really wanted it even if for purely aesthetic purposes. Guess what? It became a fully functional kids zone. Even the juggler had to go there to entertain them.We printed drawing sheets and put crayons in small pots. I actually wanted to set it up as a kids’ tea table but the plates and glasses kept flying off because of the sea breeze.


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