Play and Learn at Fisher-Price & Mattel Bloggers Meet

June 21, 2017 Shubhreet

We got invited to Fisher-Price and Mattel Bloggers Meet last week at their office in Mumbai. I thought it’ll be great to interact with a brand who’s toys my daughter has been using pretty much since birth. What I didn’t anticipate is learning how much impact toys and play time can have on a child’s development. We discovered more about the Play and Learn method of developing a child’s skills. Not only was it a fun event where we chatted, played games and had a good time but it was also an educative one!

Play and Learn

The first 5 years of a child’s life are the most crucial for their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Free play helps boost a child’s imagination and creativity. Play and learn approach with relevant toys can actually enhance the learning process and aid in developing other important skills. The right toys at the right age can help develop fine motor skills as they work and engage with their tiny hands and fingers. Not to mention, learning while playing is an effective tried and tested method that most play schools and nursery schools adopt as well.

For example, the Rock-a-Stack toy above is still one of Karma’s favourite toys and she has been playing with it since she was 6 months old. I still remember the first time she managed to loop a ring in – We were so proud and excited! It was a milestone for her motor skills. The tablet is another toy she used for quite a while. She would press the buttons and try imitate the various alphabet and animal sounds that came out. It helped developed her speech and sound recognition.

Bloggers Meet

Meeting the people behind the brand and fellow mom bloggers was lots of fun. As I stepped in to the Mattel office, I was spell bound by how amazing it looks. Honestly, the whole office is a perfect play room for kids (and adults!). I would love to come and work here everyday!

We interacted, exchanged ideas and parenting styles and learned more about the research that goes behind designing each toy. We even played games and my team won an Uno each! 😉

It was really interesting to see all these toys together arranged age wise. You can literally picture your child’s skill development as you walk through different stages. The way they presented it was really thought-provoking. It may seem like just a display of toys but really, it’s much more than that. It is a child’s learning journey from birth to about age 5-6 years. The skills that they will gain by engaging and playing with these toys got highlighted on their own as we picked up each set and examined it. In my mind, I could imagine Karma playing with it and see how she would make use of the toy. That was quite a realisation! Something so simple that we see everyday with our kids but don’t really grasp it’s importance.

A Note of Thanks

The lovely staff at Fisher-Price and Mattel bid us adieu but not without a little something. They gifted a care basket of chocolate goodness that I have been digging in since then. I’m sure I’ve gained 3 kilos since the event but I’m not complaining. As if that wasn’t enough, they even couriered a train set for Karma a few days later. I had open to it the second Karma laid eyes on it and she’s been playing with it everyday since. Thank you Fisher-Price and Mattel not only for a fun-filled event but also, for the lovely gifts that both my daughter and I are enjoying!


This post is in collaboration with Fisher-Price and Mattel but the views expressed are my own.