Rediscover Yourself – 5 Steps To Awesomeness! ;)


2017 has been an incredible year for me. I feel like I found myself all over again and I truly wasn’t prepared for how I would feel about me by the end of the year. Most of you reading this would agree with the fact that we, as women, tend to get lost in our various roles. Between being a wife, mother, friend, daughter and daughter-in-law, somewhere I forgot to just be me. But one unplanned step around the beginning of 2017 and life has done a complete 360 for good. So as this year ends, I’m gonna tell you 5 things you should to do to rediscover yourself.

Rediscover Yourself | Raising KarmaBefore we go ahead, let me give you a bit of a background. Growing up, I was always been super ambitious, very progressive and extremely outspoken. None of that changed as such. We moved countries 4-5 times, traveled to 18 countries and countless cities in 8 years, made new friends and enjoyed our life. I worked full-time, took a break, freelanced, traveled more, Karma happened! On paper, life was great! I didn’t even realise something was missing because I was comfortable.

But I had forgotten exactly how driven I used to be when I was young. I couldn’t recall that feeling where you think you can conquer the world. I didn’t remember how satisfied my hobbies made me feel. I just assumed I didn’t have that talent anymore. But that’s what life does. It chips away parts of you slowly. But we can mould it back. You can adult and be young at the same time. You won’t know what’s missing till you find it.

Rediscover Yourself 

1. Change Your Hair

Most of you know me by my short hair but ask some of the others. I had long locks at the beginning of this year. I went for a trim and took an impromptu decision to chop it all off while in the seat. Even my stylist was like – Are you sure? 😉 But most women would agree with me – New Hair = New You! And I do this every year. Check out my avatars below. It’s an instant effective way of breaking out of a rut.

So splurge on a new look! No trims or a little change here or there. Go extreme. Add colour too. Not your regular brown, black or red. Go a little crazy and spend on pink, blue or purple. Bring out the colour in you! Yes, you might hate it the first few days. I really thought I looked like a teenage boy who just hit puberty when I cut my hair so short. 😉 But now, I can’t even remember the old Shubhreet with her long hair. She might come back eventually. But for now, this is me!

 The first step towards conquering the world is getting a new hairstyle. – Shubhreet

2. Create

Anything… Just create something. Good or bad… That’s irrelevant. Just use your hands. Be it writing, art, DIY or photography. Create! I was always a writer at heart. I love words and I started writing at a very young age. Poetry, articles, school magazines; you name it. But taking to it professionally in some ways killed my love for it and I completely stopped writing for my ownself. Then career break happened and I started blogging. It took a while to find my way but I got there. Now, aside from blogging, I play with words in my head and jot down whenever I think of something on my phone to work on it later. Poetry, quotes, musings, prose… It’s all slowly coming back to me.

I also used to paint and sketch with charcoal. I’m not good at drawing essentially but I’m decent at art. That’s something I plan to get back to next year. So think of something. Start a collection maybe. I collect tin boxes from around the world. Or order funky stationary. That’s a hobby in itself. Buy felt pens in every colour with a recycled paper diary and just start doodling. If that’s not your thing, buy a camera or a phone with a great camera and get creative.

Create because you want to. Not because someone will see it. – Shubhreet

3. All Girls Trip

I don’t know when was the last time you went on an all girls trip or if you’ve ever been on one. But either ways, do it now. I did a girls trip after years with Tara and Shalu. It was such a last minute plan made within a week’s time. We were on a 2 am con-call one night, overworked and over tired, and I just said – Guys, let’s go to Goa. It’s been said before but for some reason, that night, the three of us just decided, this is it. We need a break! Next day, I told Karan, called up my favourite place to stay there and coordinated dates. Few days later, we booked tickets and we were off.

If Karan didn’t have to fly out to Romania the same day that I was returning from Goa, I guarantee you, the three of us would have postponed our flights. And we did nothing in Goa – pool, beach, beer, food! Bliss! I came back a new person. Or better yet, my old (read very young) self. Did you not see my Goa pics on Instagram? I haven’t had the guts to pose like that in years. And only your girlfriends can bring that out in you! Oh and if you’re worried about your kids, mark my words – They will be okay! This was the first time I left Karma alone with Karan for over 24 hours and it was fine! The world did not end. She was fed, bathed, well rested and no blood was shed. The rest can be worked out!

4. Bucket List

If you already have one, start ticking things off. If you don’t have one, make one asap. I know this sounds very cliched but even if you tick off one item a year from your bucket list, it can really snap you out of a rut and help you find yourself. And you don’t have to go all apeshit. Start with something small and achievable that you’ve always wanted to do. It could be something as small as a spa day with your friends to something as extreme as bungee jumping. Just start.

I’ve been going back and forth for years now on whether to get a cover-up tattoo done over one of my tattoos that now pretty much looks like a big round blob. Give me a break guys; I got it done when I was 18! I’ve been a million shapes and sizes since then. But this year, I found clarity, I found the right tattoo artist and I found myself. So after so many years, that blob is a brand new tattoo. I didn’t even bother discussing the design with anyone other than the tattoo artist himself because this was about me. My decision, my body, my love for tattoos. Good, bad, ugly – It’s all me! Check out this Instagram post to see the big reveal and behind-the-scenes action.

Here are some other things on my bucket list –

  • Write a book
  • Sky-dive
  • Travel solo
  • Get a few more tattoos
  • Change the world.

5. Dance Every Morning

If you can’t do any of the things I have listed, do this! It sounds silly but this will set your day. As soon as Karan and Karma are out the door, I put my headphones, press play on my favourite playlist and just dance around the house. I kid you not… That’s how my day starts everyday. Why do you think I share a song from my playlist everyday on my Instagram stories. It’s usually the song I begin with. It will just free your mind and set you in the mood to get things done!

If your maids are still in the house or you live with family, lock yourself in the bathroom and do it. If you’re a mom, you’re probably already used to hiding in the bathroom so you can chat with your friends in peace. 😉 Forget the chores, groceries, work, assignments blah blah blah… 15-30 mins here or there will not kill anyone but you will be ready to attack the day like a boss. Plus, its a great workout. Just dance like no ones watching!

To help you out, here are some songs from my playlist to get you moving:

Rediscover Yourself | Raising Karma

So here you go… Rediscover yourself! At the end of the day, as important as all the other roles you have to play are, nothing is more important that who you are to yourself. How you see yourself is going to determine how others see you. This, for once, has to be ALL ABOUT YOU!



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