The easiest headband you will ever make!


There is no such thing as too many headbands when you have a baby girl!

And why stop at buying them when you can make them at home and add your own touch to it!!

This tutorial will show you how to make a super easy ‘no stitching’ headband for your daughters (or even yourself!). All you need is an old T-shirt or in my case, Karma’s outgrown hoodie. Anything that has a slightly stretchable fabric.

The more washed up the fabric, the better it is since it will be softer on your darling daughter’s delicate head. 🙂

1. Cut a long strip from the T-shirt. An inch or so longer than the circumference of your baby’s head. If you want a bigger knot, cut a longer piece or a shorter one for a small knot. This can also be adjusted later.

2. Tie a basic loose knot.

3. Tie another knot above the first knot.

4. Stretch from all 4 sides to tighten both knots together.

5. Voila! Cute, perky and Oh so retro!


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