Toddler Travel Essentials by Babymel and Zip & Zoe


Any parent knows traveling with kids is no easy job! From packing to sightseeing all day, the difficulty levels get multiplied when you have a kid with you. And if that kid is a toddler, then between high chances of a meltdown at a subway station to not being able to find the right dinky car when you need it; I wish you the best of luck! Kidding! But those two things did happen with me on our recent trip to USA with our 2 year old daughter Karma. However, there are some toddler travel essentials that can ease up the pressure and make life easier for both parents and child while on vacay. We took Karma’s complete Dylan The Dino school kit by Babymel and Zip & Zoe and it doubled up as perfect toddler travel solutions.

Backpack with Safety Leash

You might ask why your child needs a backpack of their own while on a trip? I mean the whole point is to travel light, right? But most toddlers are fighting to gain independence and if they see you carrying a bag, they will wanna carry one too. And to be honest, it actually helps to have their entertainment packed in their own bag.

I absolutely swear by our Babymel Mini Backpack. I really liked Daisy The Dragon but Karma loves dinosaurs so we went with Dylan The Dino.

  • The bag held her dinky cars, crayons, small drawing books and Sophia The First figurines that were gifted to her by our friend in the honour of Karma’s first ever trip to Disneyland. Small things in a small bag that Karma could find herself.
  • There is an elasticated loop inside to keep bottles or sippy cups in place.
  • A bigger open pocket in the front to quickly stock away water bottle, napkins or anything else while on the go.
  • It has padded adjustable straps with a safety clip to keep the straps in place and provide better support while carrying the bag in case it is overloaded with important things… like more dinky cars!
  • There is also a super cute musical tag that Karma loves pressing again and again. It’s like a personal door bell!
  • It’s also her school bag when we are back in town.
  • A detachable safety leash which is a must when you are out and about with a child in crowded places. Karma is very confident and just wanders off because she doesn’t scare easy. While I am very proud of my little explorer, it is risky in places packed with people. We would just attach the leash on her backpack and our tiny globetrotter was always within safe distance.

Insulated Lunch Bag

I don’t need to explain why you need a lunch bag when you’re gonna be out all day with your little kiddo. And honestly, this Babymel lunch bag is so cute and comes with a matching ice pack, even if you don’t need it, you should get it! 😉 But on a serious note, toddlers can be picky eaters, especially while on holiday. So it makes sense to pack some favourite snacks and carry them along.

  • The lunch bag is fully insulated to keep food fresh. There is also an internal pocket to hold the ice pack. But since we were not using the ice pack, the pocket held her spoons and slim snack bars.
  • The pocket divides the bag into 2 sections so you can keep bigger containers on one side and small containers or a water bottle on the other side.
  • There is a buckle on the strap so it can be clipped to a stroller. I would also clip her backpack and bottle on the lunch bag strap and clip that to my diaper bag to reduce the number of bags I was carrying. One bag instead of four!
  • The interior and exterior can just be wiped clean so it’s easy to maintain on-the-go.
  • It doubles up as her school lunch bag once we are back to everyday schedule.

Drinking Bottle

Most important thing while traveling with kids is to them hydrated. And if your toddler is anything like mine, just any bottle will not do. She loves her Babymel Dylan The Dino bottle and it completes the set.

  • The bottle has a flip top lid to keep water from spilling.
  • It comes with a handy wristlet that can be looped in to the lunch bag strap too.
  • The bottle fits comfortably in the lunch bag and mini backpack. It’s also an ideal size for most cup/bottle holders.
  • It is BPA, BPD and Pthalate free. It is also dishwasher friendly.
  • It doubles up as… you guessed it!… her school bottle after we’re back in town.

So there you have it! The Babymel and Zip & Zoe mini backs, insulated lunch bags and drinking bottles are not just cute to look at but are safe and practical school or travel kits for your toddler. Karma has been taking them to school everyday since we got back from our vacation and they fit everything she needs for a full day at school. I was very impressed with the quality of the bottle as well because she did throw it around a few times on our trip but it’s in mint condition. I give the whole set an easy 9 on 10.

Dylan The Dino set was sent to me by Babymel and I didn’t pay for it. However, the views and comments shared are my own. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use for myself or my family.


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