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Karan and I are nomads at heart and travel very often. Nothing changed after Karma was born. She’s only 2 years old but is quite an expert traveler and has been to 10 countries already. But traveling with a baby or toddler does need some extra preparation and having the right travel stroller is at the top of that list. For our recent trip to USA, we took the Joovy Groove Ultralight and I have to say I am in love with it!

It was fairly easy to move around with this stroller in LA and Vegas since Karan was with us too. The handle bar height is just right. I am around 5’5” where as Karan stands at over 6 feet tall and Joovy Groove was comfortable for both of us to push around. However, it was in New York when the full potential of the stroller got revealed.

It was my first ever trip to NY and Karma and I were on our own since Karan was staying at Cornell campus to attend classes. Mom and toddler in a new city can be overwhelming but it was smooth sailing. I had no problems manoeuvring the roads of Manhattan despite the fact that NY is not a very stroller friendly city. Don’t get me wrong, I was in awe of it! I absolutely loved the sky scrapers, the bridges and Central Park. I have never seen a more beautiful train station than Grand Central. However, I don’t think I would have had such an easy time going everywhere without my Joovy Groove. From eating on the go to sometimes over loading the stroller to walking 20 blocks a day, our Joovy proved it’s might through all of it. Read more about it’s features and how it came in handy.

Joovy Groove Features

For a light weight stroller, it is really sturdy and loaded with features. I was so impressed with it’s utility and ease of strolling.

  • Standing Umbrella Fold: My number one requirement for a travel stroller is a compact fold. Joovy Groove does not only have a compact umbrella fold but it is also self standing once folded. It was really handy when I was hailing cabs and did not want my new stroller to be lying flat on dirty roads. It’s also easy to load-unload and store away comfortably even in a small hotel room.
  • Lightweight: Joovy Groove weighs only 7 kgs. Yes, you read that right! That’s half of what Karma weighs. 😉 Being so lightweight, it was very easy to move and carry around. What truly impressed me was how sturdy and smooth it was for such a lightweight stroller.
  • Adjustable Carry Strap: I have used a lot of strollers and this is the first stroller I owned that has a carry strap. I reached my entry to High-Line Park in New York only to find the elevator out-of-order. Karma refused to climb the stairs right that minute and I had to carry her, our bags and the stroller up 2 long levels of stairs. There is no way I would have been able to do that without the carry trap. We made it to the top and had a good time walking the long park. Unfortunately, I had no hand free to take a selfie because that would have been epic! 😉
  • Sleep On-the-go: Joovy Groove has a near-flat reclining seat which is really important because the stroller is also your child’s on-the-go bed when you are out sightseeing all day. Karma had no problems taking a nap whenever she wanted and that meant a non-fussy toddler for us despite long days. The near-flat recline combined with a foot enclosure makes the stroller suitable for new borns too.
  • Adjustable Foot-rest: It has 2 positions for the foot-rest. We would keep it down when Karma was sitting and up when when she was sleeping. We needed the extra leg space when our very tall toddler was taking her naps. We would keep it up while sitting too sometimes when Karma kept her snack jar in front of her and munched on biscuits while on the move.
  • Large UV Canopy with Peek-hole: The canopy is adjustable and removable with light-reflective lines on all 4 sides. During night strolls with Karma even on dimly lit roads or paths, I didn’t have to worry about safety or not being seen. It also has a peek-hole through which I could keep my eye on Karma.

Bonus Features

Or what I like to call icing-on-the-cake features! I have to hand it to Joovy for their creative add-ons. As such, you don’t need these features but they sure do make life easy. And Joovy Groove is the only umbrella stroller I have come across that has the first two of the following three.

  • Mesh Pockets in Seat: Simple but genius! There are mesh pockets on both sides of the seat and they’re perfect when you are strolling with toddlers who like to impose their independence. I did not have to hand karma her water bottle even once. She loved storing her bottles there and taking it out whenever she wanted to drink water or juice. It also held her crayons, dinky cars and snack jars. Full points!
  • Cup Holders & Zippered Pocket: There are two cup holders for mom & dad on the stroller and a zippered pocket to store away keys, lip balm, wallet, tickets etc. You can actually do without a stroller organiser. In New York, I would get iced-coffee to go every morning along with a bottle of water and had both within reach while exploring the city. Mommy needs her caffeine! 😉
  • Big Basket: The basket underneath stored all my extras like Karma’s mini backpack, shopping or sometimes even wet clothes after a fun session at splash parks. Mommies need (and use) as much storage as they can get!

Final Rating

We are back home and still using the Joovy Groove Ultralight. It’s a great stroller for everyday use as well and not just traveling. Honestly, I do think it is the best umbrella stroller in the market right now. I give it an easy 9 on 10. The only reason I deducted that one point is because even though you can recline the seat with one-hand, putting it back up requires you to use both hands. If Joovy changes that, then this stroller is a perfect 10.

Karma dirtied her seat quite a bit over the 20 days we were traveling so we have the stroller a wash once we got back. The soft-to-touch UPF-50 fabric is super easy to clean and it looks as good as new. I highly recommend it to every parent.

Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller was sent to me by Joovy and I didn’t pay for it. However, the views and comments shared are my own. I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use for myself or my family.

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