Easy Unicorn Birthday Party Favours


My daughter Karma’s 4th Birthday party was all about Unicorns. This was the first time she was actually really excited about her birthday and listed everything from the friends she wanted to invite to the kind of cake and cupcakes she wanted. Even the food was ‘Unicorned’! Read my post on Unicorn or Rainbow Food Ideas to try out recipes.

Unicorn Birthday Party Favours

Karma had a party at home and one celebration at school and daycare. She couldn’t wait for either and I wanted to make Unicorn birthday party favours for both. But the home party only had 18-20 kids where as there were over 50 combined in school + daycare. So here’s what I did…

Party Favours For House Party

For her 2nd birthday, we had done mason jar return gifts. They look gorgeous, double up as dessert table decor and kids love them. So this year, I decided to go back to this idea and made Unicorn Birthday jars.

  • I ordered simple rounded mason jars. I wanted golden screw-on lids but ended up getting blue and white checked ones.
  • For the contents, I got Unicorn rings (Karma & her friends love wearing these plastic rings so I simply ordered a huge bunch of Unicorn themed ones), Unicorn stamps, gold coin chocolates (as treasure at the bottom of the jar) and lots and lots of colourful marshmallows.
  • I filled the jars with gold coin chocolates at the bottom, piled up with marshmallows aka Unicorn poop 😉 and one ring and stamp in each jar.
  • Since my earlier idea of golden lids failed, I wanted to add another colour in the mix. The jars arrived very close to the actual date and I didn’t have time to go shopping again. Enter my big roll of disposable non-woven kitchen towels in pink and white chevron. I cut small squares to cover the lids and it actually looked very cute.
  • I used curling ribbons to tie Thank You tags on to the jars and add more aesthetic appeal. To design and print your own Thank You or Gift tags for any theme, check out my tutorial here. You can also find readymade designs online that can be customised and printed.

And Voila! The Unicorn Jars are ready! I used them as decor for the dessert table as well and they looked gorgeous. The kids picked out the ones they wanted directly from the table and they were a huge hit. You can check out the photos for reference and read my blogpost on mason jar return gifts for more jar ideas.

Party Favours For School & Daycare

There were only 20 kids coming to her birthday party at home but the combined strength of the school and daycare gang is over 50 kids plus I also wanted to send treats for her nannies and teachers who take such good care of the kids while we’re at work. By mutual understanding, none of the parents at school send expensive or extravagant return gifts. It’s always kept to basics like chocolates or candies, pencils or crayons, DIYs etc.

So I did Unicorn Horn DIY favours. They weren’t expensive at all & can be tweaked to add whatever you want inside. This was the original idea for home party favours but it flopped as the packets weren’t large enough to fit everything. So I did them for school instead.

  • I ordered transparent icing bags and filled them up with different kinds of candies and chocolates.
  • Tied a knot at the top with curling ribbons and chopped off a little bit of the excess icing bag to make it look neat.
  • Then stuck glitter tape in spiral pattern to give it a Unicorn Horn feel! That’s it! Took some time and effort but it was worth it! 🙂

I had even ordered simple Unicorn headbands in different colours for all the kids to wear at the party and then take home but unfortunately, those never got delivered. However, the party and the return gifts were still a success. All’s well that ends well!

I really hope you liked my Unicorn Birthday Party Favours and will try them out with your own twist for your child’s birthday. Please do PIN the post if you found it useful and let me know what you think in comments. 🙂



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