Weekend Getaway At Grape County In Nashik


I’ve been living in Mumbai for 3 years now but I somehow never managed to make a trip to Nashik. But recently, I got a chance to visit one of the best properties I have ever seen! Grape County in Nashik has everything you could want for a perfect weekend getaway.

The drive from Mumbai took only 3.5 hours and we arrived at this luxurious 120 acre-lush green property located in the Sahaydri Valley of Nashik. Grape County is Maharashtra’s first eco-resort with a 5 star rating from TERI.

I had a fabulous time here and am definitely gonna return with Karan and Karma soon because I know they will love it. It’s such a child friendly nature resort as well and those are hard to find. I have no doubts Karma will have an amazing time. But for now, let me tell you why I feel Grape County is a must visit weekend getaway spot.

Weekend Getaway – Grape County, Nashik

1. The Colours Of Nature

Here’s an interesting fact – Grape County is not just an Eco Resort but a Bio Diversity Park as well. They have teamed up with environmentalists, horticulturists and landscapers to create a man-made lake and landscapes that allow over thousands of species of native flora & fauna to exist together. We got a tour of the whole property and everything from planting of trees to the irrigation system was explained to us. Even if you are not a nature enthusiast, you will still be blown away by how efficiently and resourcefully they have put together this beautiful self-sustaining ecosystem.

2. Farm Animals

Who doesn’t want to look at cute little rabbits frolicking around? They were everywhere and they were adorable. We also saw turkeys, ducks, lots of different kinds of birds and even got a glimpse into bee-keeping. For a city dweller, being able to pet a rabbit every time I walk out of my room is pure excitement. Had Karma been around, she probably would have slept in the rabbits’ hutch. 😉 And that brings me to my next point.

3. Something For Everyone

Whether you’re a luxury traveler or into adventure or a family on holiday; you can have the kind of getaway you want at Grape County. You can indulge in activities such as cycling, kayaking, boating, nature trails or birdwatching. I really wanted to kayak and got a chance to do just that at the resort’s own private lake. If that’s not your vibe, then just chill by the pool or wine and dine on the deck while you take in the gorgeous views of the Sahaydri Valley. For families that are planning a trip, they even have a playground for kids!

4. Sky Villas & Luxury Tents

We stayed at the Sky Villas and the rooms were huge, fully stocked and very comfortable. I would have been happy just spending all day in that room lying in bed, watching TV or chilling in my big balcony enjoying the gorgeous view of the valley. In the morning, it was so quiet and pleasant, I could hear birds chirping all around. Even the luxurious bathtub had a view! 😉 We also got a chance to check out their luxury tents and if you want an adventurous but comfortable stay, then I highly recommend booking those.

5. Festivals – Upcoming Oktobrew

It’s an ideal place for special occasions such as destination weddings, events or fun festivals. They have a grapevine themed amphitheatre overlooking Nashik’s scenic Sahyadri range and an eco-friendly banquet hall. In fact, the second edition of a craft beer festival at Grape is taking place on 20th-21st October featuring 6 breweries, live artist performances, gourmet food popups and a flea market. Besides rooms and sky villas at the resort, the Oktobrew weekend will also see a camping village set up. Some friends of mine are already set to go!

So there you have it! My experience of life at Grape County in Nashik and I can honestly say, it was one of my favourite road trip getaways yet. I had the best time thanks to the place and the people I met there. Thank you for hosting me Grape County!

I was invited to Grape County to stay and review the resort. However, the views and opinions shared above are my own. I will never recommend something to my readers that I didn’t like or find fit for myself or my family.



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