Women’s Day with Ariel India – #ShareTheLoad


This Women’s Day, I attended a special screening of Captain Marvel hosted by Ariel India. I’m a big Marvel fan and being a vocal believer of gender equality at work and home, I have been rooting for a female super hero. Hence, it should come as no surprise that I absolutely loved the movie and the way Ariel decided to celebrate Women’s Day by speaking about equality through their #ShareTheLoad campaign.

Even before my association with Ariel, I was always fond of their #ShareTheLoad ads. I saw the first one in 2015 that features a professional woman who earns more than her husband but it’s taken for granted that she will do the laundry every day at home. I was really impressed by the ad because it brought to notice a very subtle form of gender inequality that even most modern forward thinking households are still conditioned with.

Since 2015, Ariel has released a number of thought provoking videos that encourage sharing the load. They are very well made and force us to think if we really truly understand and practice gender equality?

While we have progressed to the stage where men and their families are very proud of the working women who are equal partners, we haven’t yet crossed the threshold on men becoming equal partners at home when it comes to chores. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen at all. If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram, then you would know that my husband and I split all responsibilities – from parenting to household chores.

#ShareTheLoad – Gender Equality At Home

Ariel #ShareTheLoad is a much needed social initiative that reveals the root of inequality in our country. A very important fact at the centre of it all is – It all starts at home!

That’s been the case with us from the start. When we first moved to Singapore after our wedding, I would do dust and broom while he mopped. If one of us cooked dinner, the other did the dishes. I would wash & dry the clothes and he would iron and fold. I hate ironing and still can’t do it too well. When we had our daughter Karma, we did not call the grand parents over to help out with delivery and after. Karan was there for delivery and stayed at the hospital. he took a work from home for a month and I would do night shift. And he would take care of Karma during the day and bring her to me only for feeds. Every evening, I gave her a massages and he gave her baths. He even cooked all my meals till I was properly up and about.

Nothing changed after we moved back to India. When one of us travels for work or leisure, the other one manages everything (work, home & baby) end-to-end without feeling the need to call our moms over. He’s probably attended more school functions & orientations than I have. And let me add, neither he or I think he deserves brownie points for any of this. As far as we are concerned, it’s our house and our child and hence, all the work is also ours!

Ariel #ShareTheLoad | Raising KarmaHowever, we are also aware that this is not a norm yet and hence, we are very vocal about it and encourage other couples and parents to do the same. It makes you a team and proud to be one! But as an individual, there are only so many people I can reach out to. So having a big brand like Ariel get behind gender equality at home in a big way is a boon!

Men must shoulder household responsibilities and #ShareTheLoad with their partners. It’s a way of life! It’s not something to be done on one special day in the year but something that has to be done every single day!

I am so glad that Ariel has continued to push this initiative over the years as it’s a topic very close to my heart. Thanks Ariel India for speaking about it and making all women feel like superheroes!

This post is part of a collaboration with Ariel India but the views and opinions shared by me on the #ShareTheLoad initiative are completely my own.


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